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Buyer's Representation

A Buyer Agent represents the interests of you, the Buyer, exclusively. All of the agents at Karen M. Overtoom Real estate are trained in buyer agency and are prepared to guide you through every step of the home buying process. In most cases, there is no additional charge out of your pocket for these services –as the Seller will have made an obligation to his or her listing office for the payment of a commission and your Buyer Agent will share in that commission.

The following are services we provide to our Buyer Clients:

  • The first step is to work with you to identify your unique needs and desires when it comes to owning property here on the Vineyard. Once these have been articulated, then we will provide you with information on those specific properties that most closely meet your criteria, including size and style, amenities, location and price.
  • Your agent will assist you, through our contacts at various lending institutions, in determining your budget and help you to obtain a pre- qualification letter to provide to the Seller.
  • If you are making this purchase from a long distance, your agent here will not only send you information on properties, but will view the properties on your behalf and send you out an array of photographs if you are at any point in the process unable to visit the Island yourself.
  • Once you have identified the property you would like to purchase, your agent will do any further research needed to answer specific questions that may have arisen and will help you to determine the properties value and develop a negotiating strategy.
  • Your agent will then draft the Offer document for you and will present the Offer to the Seller’s agent on your behalf. Your agent will then assist you throughout the negotiating process.
  • Once your Offer has been accepted to by the Seller, your agent will again assist you in choosing from a list of professionals whose guidance you may need in order to culminate your purchase of the property. These professionals could include a home inspector, a real estate attorney, mortgage lenders, surveyors and engineers, builders and landscapers. If these professionals need access to the property at times when you will not be available to meet them, your agent will arrange for their access to the property and will meet them there on your behalf and report back to you on their findings.
  • We will assist you in securing appropriate financing for the purchase of your new property.
  • Your agent will work with your attorney in the drafting of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, track all deadlines, facilitate the procurement of signatures, handle deposits and keep an eye on all contingencies right up to the date of Closing.
  • On the day of Closing, your agent will accompany you on a walk- through to ensure that the property is in the condition stipulated in the P&S Agreement. If you are unable to attend the walk-through, your agent will perform the walk-through on your behalf and report to you long-distance.
  • Following the walk-through, if all is acceptable, your agent will accompany you to the Closing at your attorney’s office – or will attend the Closing on your behalf if you will not be in attendance.
  • Finally, following the Closing, your KMORE Agent will continue to be your Vineyard resource and will be gratified to assist you in any way to make sure that owning property here is a happy experience in every way.